Should a Woman Ever Wear Tephillin or Tallit?

I have always felt in my spirit that it was wrong for women to wear tephillin or wear tallit. I've seen them worn in some Messianic Synagogues and for some reason, I never returned to those congregations. I knew in my spirit that it was something only for the men to wear... and there are Scriptures which back that up.

The subject was recently brought up by a sister/friend of mine in the L-rd. She had recently acquired a tallit and was wearing it in private. I explained to her that it was not something for a woman to wear. I believe she took the advice well, but, that isn't the case with other women I have had this discussion with. A woman wearing tallit or tephillin is very un-nerving to me. There is a spirit involved here! I'm not talking about those, such as my friend, who haven't been doing it for long periods of time or those who wear them in private unbeknown to others. I'm talking about those who are up in front of the Synagogue, almost flaunting that they are wearing a tallit or tephillin. There is something very wrong with these women.

Now I can be labeled a women hater here, that's fine if you wish to label me as such. You can label me a homosexual hater while you're at it because I have even stronger feelings against them. But rest assured, you will find what I'm saying to be true. Women who wear tephillin or tallit have a spirit about them. It is a spirit of rebellion. What are they rebelling against? They are rebelling against the authority of the man. It is a spirit which wants to usurp his authority.

I have tested these spirits. 100% of every one of these types of women will answer, "yes" to the following question..."Do you believe that women can be Rabbis?” Now this should make you think (if it doesn't, then you might want to read my next article entitled "Women can not be Rabbis"). These women are controlling and argumentative. Sure there's a good type of arguing, but then there is also the type who wants to win every argument to show that they are superior or in authority. Many of you know exactly the kind of person I'm talking about. The kind you'll find in a woman Pastor (That’s right, same as female Rabbis)

Now again you may want to call me a male chauvinist etc. But you'll find that's not true about myself. I look at women the same way the Jews looked at women in Biblical times. "Oh no, you think they should be slaves". No, I don't think that. Actually they weren't treated that way in Biblical times either. That's a misconception. Matter of fact... women in Biblical times and all throughout Judaism, have been held in high esteem, even put on a pedestal. “Oh but they didn't even get to pick their own husband, they were traded like merchandise”. Well, that isn’t true either. In the Mishna (Jewish Law) it says that a woman can refuse any marriage if she so chooses. Yes, the father set up the man with whom he thought would be the best for her. But it was up to her and her alone if she wanted to go through with it. That was her right. All these ideas that the women were "nothing more then sheep or cattle to the society", are based on nonsense from those who don't understand Judaism.

So yes, it's a spirit of rebellion and a spirit who wants to usurp men’s authority. You'll find it in women who want to rule the household and be the boss. Women who don't feel they have to answer to anybody. Women who think they do not have to obey the Bible when it says to submit to their husbands (don't argue with me, it says exactly that in the Bible).

It's always been obvious to me that a woman should not wear tallit or tephillin from even when I was a child. It baffles me that others haven't seen this or even feel it's a topic worth debate when it's so clear. Not only is it something you should feel in your heart and spirit, there are Scriptures which clearly back it up such as

(Deuteronomy 22:5)
A man's item shall not be on a woman, and a man shall not wear a woman's garment; whoever does such a thing is an abhorrence unto Adonai.

We find the Targum of Yonathan is a bit clearer 

"Neither fringed robes nor tephillin which are the ornaments of a man shall be upon a woman."

We also find in Orthodox Judaism that it is not allowed. Some will try to tell you that it is and say that in the Talmud that Rashi allowed his daughters to wear tallit. But the date for Rashi is 1040-1105... long after Yeshua was here. There's no real authority in this claim. Where as the Targum of Yonathan goes clear back to Hillel- the second temple period, the time when Yeshua (Jesus) was here on earth. The Targum of Yonathan is very respected by teachers of the Talmud and held in high esteem. So for a Rabbinical Messianic, this idea that women can wear Tallit, just doesn't hold any water. And for
Biblical Messianics, such as myself, we are aware that all through the Scriptures both old and New Testaments, that it is never said that a woman wore tallit or tephillin. But it does mention often times in both testaments of men wearing them…including Yeshua Himself. So their argument doesn't hold true in either camp.

Wouldn't it be better if men focused on what they are supposed to do and women focused on what they should do? Instead of one trying to be the other? It's a serious thing. If you think it's petty, take a close look again at this Scripture...

(Deuteronomy 22:5)
A man's item shall not be on a woman, and a man shall not wear a woman's garment; whoever does such a thing is an abhorrence unto Adonai.

It doesn't say it's petty. It doesn't just say it's bad. It says it's an "abhorrence".
That's the Word of the L-rd folks.
Rabbi Stanley

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